2014 Grey Stallion

Dreams Come True; Barjass Al Zobair In America
By SMA Magic One by Psytadel to Ansata Sinan and to broodmare supreme Saskia RJ twice x FM Gloriaa by WH Justice to Psytadel and to Saskia RJ twice, also.
Barjass also carries two crosses to the incomparable Bint Bey Shah.
Grey stallion – Born in the year 2014
Bred by Al Zobair Stud in Sharjah UAE.
Now owned by The Aria Collection inside Sahara Scottsdale in America. Recently owned by Elkasun Arabians in South Africa.  SA Misha Apal and her daughter Gloria Apal, are two of our breed’s most beautiful mares, yet no more beautiful than their exquisite, white and ethereal relative, FM Gloriaa, bred and loved by Mieke Sans of Belgium. FM Gloriaa has always been the epitome of a feminine and flirtatious Arabian mare. She has always left her onlookers and admirers in a mouthwatering state. If you breed Arabian horses then you will understand why people say she is the perfect mother for breeding stallions. A son can populate the state, country or globe with his mother’s beauty far more than a daughter can.  It was just this Spring that Jeff Sloan and Ally Nelson made a “big note to selves” that simply said, it is time to blanket the Aria Collection with a nice dose of pristine and polished breed type and all signs pointed to adding the precious blood of Gloriaa through her exotic son Barjass Al Zobair
Sahara Scottsdale wishes to say thank you to Lisa Brown and Willie Brown of Elkasun for allowing them to take ownership of this stallion, a son of two glorious parents.  While Sahara has been purchasing astonishingly correct and gorgeous mares, over the past two years, from breeders located in countries such as Israel, Spain, Poland, Brazil and Sweden, it must be said that when you add world-class mares – you must travel the world to do so. The South African son of Gloriaa completes the circle and the search.
Only remarkable days ahead……Be apart of them, with us.