2018 Arabian Breeders World Cup Results

It is with great pride and excitement that we brought home the following titles for the 2018 Arabian Breeders World Cup.

Baviera HVP
(Marwan Al Shaqab x HB Bessolea)
Supreme GOLD Champion Senior Mare
Owned by the Aria Prestige Holdings LLC

(RD Dynamo x HED Caramba)
Supreme GOLD Champion Junior Stallion
Owned by the Delacroixx Partners LLC

La Belle Shawan HVP
(*FA El Shawan x Valentine HVP)
Supreme BRONZE Champion Junior Mare
Owned by the El Shawan Legacy Partners LLC

JR Francois
(Kavalle MI x JR Francesca)
Supreme BRONZE Champion Yearling Colt
Owned by Joanne Gunabalan

Aria Athena
(WH Justice x Jawharra)
Champion Senior Mare – 4 Years of Age
Owned by the Julianna Partners LLC

Andrew Sellman
2018 Handler Of Excellence Award

Conquest BR

(Versace x Lee Anna Psy)
Top 5 Senior Stallions – 4 & 5 Years of Age
Owned by the Conquest Holdings LLC


Oula Aljassimya
(Marwan Al Shaqab x El Sanadika IA)
Top Five Senior Mare – 6-8 Years of Age
Owned by The Vigil Family


Najima Aria
(Baha AA x MD Hibat Allah)
Top Five Yearling Fillies
Owned by The Vigil Family